John Cress

Being born into a military family, John developed a love for aviation at an early age. Living on and near military airfields for most of his childhood, he grew to love the sound of jet noise and the thrill that came with it. He also came to appreciate the sacrifices made by many to keep our country safe and free. Along with his faith, this love of country and the people that make it, help drive the decisions he makes today.

After earning a degree in engineering with a minor in business, John was on track to get a job with an engineering firm in Phoenix. However, after getting his private pilot license in 1994, his love for aviation was awakened, which changed the trajectory of his future. By the end of 1995, John was a flight instructor, teaching students out of Sky Harbor Airport (PHX). With the help of many good people, John was quickly building flight time and hired to fly for Sawyer Aviation as a charter pilot in 1996 after having worked there as a fueler/light instructor the previous two years.

Following the closing Sawyer, John worked as a contractor for local Phoenix companies such as MicroAge Computers, Valley National Bank and Dillard’s. These contacts eventually led to John being hired to fly a Citation for Dillard’s Department Stores in 1999. John spent 4 years with Dillards before they decided to move operations to Little Rock. Not wanting to move the family, John was able to find another home with Swift Aviation, where he spent 3 years before joining Gemini Air Group in 2007.

Since joining Gemini, John has been working with Tim Carpay, building a company that is safety focused with an emphasis on teamwork. The shared vision of Gemini Air Group is to provide an open, safety focused workplace while providing the best service and aircraft/asset management for our clients. The grassroots growth of Gemini and the successes that have followed are a direct result of Gemini’s great leadership and teamwork.

Finally, John’s family is critical to his success. Throughout his career, his wife Maureen (whom he met on a flight back in 1995), and 3 children have always been supportive, for which he is very grateful.